Monday, September 27, 2010

Playing with food

Okay, this is another bit of proof that I am weird.

Anyone can read this blog, of course, since it is on the public Internet. But, my main purpose in writing it is to record a few things that might be of interest someday to my children. Most of the interesting dialog that happens in my head never goes any further. So, here is a tiny fraction of one evening's worth.

Last night, my wife and I took her son and his girlfriend out to dinner at a Chinese buffet. As usual, I created a symmetrical work of art out of each plateful, as I selected it. The last plate was a bit boring at first, so I played around with it while eating. And--can you believe it?--actually took a picture of it.

This reminded me of eating grapes with my sisters around the kitchen table in the farmhouse when we were kids. Grapes were not an everyday food then, and quite a treat when we got to have some. And, we did things like hold one stem upright, so that it looked like a tree. Then we would tell each other stories about Farmer Brown and his harvest, as we picked and ate one grape at a time. Fond memories.


Myrna said...

I also would eat an ice cream cone by licking it smooth, then using my fork to make furrows, jabbing the furrows with my fork to plant the seeds, and then licking it smooth again to harvest, before starting the process all over again.

Ashlyn said...

I remember from DC how you would always make your plates symmetrical. It's pretty awesome in my opinion. ^_^

Miss Melanie said...

My baby Nicholas is sitting here saying "Yummy yummy yummy" so he wants it :)

Anonymous said...

ok, this one cracked me up!