Thursday, October 6, 2011

Self-defeating fortune

Just over a year ago, we went out to dinner. As usual, I played with my food.

Departing from custom, I actually kept the fortune from the fortune cookie. And carried it around in my wallet for over a year.

Just tried photographing it.

I really need a better camera.*

It reads, "You will inherit an unexpected sum of money within the year."

And, I added in pen the date of our outing, "9/26/10".

Once the fortune alerted me to the "sum of money" it was no longer "unexpected" (and was, in fact, actually hoped for) and therefore the inheritance could not occur without contradicting the terms of the fortune.

P.S. Until this post scriptum was added, it went without saying that the expected "unexpected sum of money" was not inherited "within the year."

* [added Oct. 26, 2011] Here is a scanned image: