Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blue and gray getaway

This is what we have named our motor home. Not quite the tongue-twister as the name of our stay-at-home home.

We recently returned from a trip to Marin County, California for the wedding of a friend. The motor home performed well, providing us with both transportation and shelter.

Our itinerary:

Sept. 16 departure just after sunset, traveling as far as West Wendover, Nevada, where we slept for awhile in a truck parking area.

Sept. 17 on the road again before sunrise. We drove just past Reno to "Boomtown" where we enjoyed an afternoon of swimming and napping at a KAO RV park. Overnight stay.

Sept. 18 departure in the morning and arrival at Marin RV Park just after noon. Our friends drove us to a rehearsal dinner. Great location (Presidio Yacht Club), good food and atmosphere, including a mariachi band. Fabulous view of the Golden Gate Bridge. We borrowed one of their cars to drive "home" to the RV park.

Sept. 19 drove to the wedding in Petaluma, and arrived a little late because we took a detour and got lost for awhile. It was a beautiful and moving ceremony. Once some photos have been posted on facebook, I will provide a link here for facebook friends.

Sept. 20 drove to church services in San Rafael, home again, then back to San Rafael to meet our friends at the farmers' market. To their home for dinner. They dropped us off at the RV park.

Sept. 21 enjoyed a walk to a nearby shopping center and bought some great walking shoes. So the walk back to the RV park was 100% better. We took the 70 bus to the Golden Gate Bridge in the afternoon. It was completely shrouded in fog, although the weather was sunny and warm where we came from. I walked to the halfway point of the bridge again, and met Sara on the way back. Our bus dropped us near the RV park just as the sun was setting.

Sept. 22 walked to the nearby Larkspur Landing and rode the catamaran ferry "Mendocino" into San Francisco, then hopped on the Muni F to the end of the line. We visited Ghirardelli Square then walked back to Pier 31 for the ferry to Alcatraz, where we enjoyed seeing the island and cell blocks. The same trip in reverse (minus the detour to Ghirardelli Square) and we got back to Larkspur Landing about 6:30 p.m. and were picked up by our friends for another evening of visiting and dining.

Sept. 23 walked along the nearby Greenbrae boardwalk, an interesting neighborhood with the houses all on stilts along the Corte Madera Creek. Met some of the inhabitants and enjoyed speaking with them. One of the homes at 133 is for sale for three quarters of a million dollars. Left around noon driving the blue and gray getaway. We found a spot at the Zephyr Cove (Nevada) RV Park at dusk and settled in for the night.

Sept. 24 awoke early and walked across the road to the lake. It was wonderful to watch it as the sun came up.

We arranged to stay another night, which involved moving to a nearby spot. In the afternoon we went swimming in the lake. It was delicious. A bit cold getting in, but we were warm afterward, even walking back home.

I also indulged in a bit of boulder climbing that morning, as shown in some photos at the end of this post.

Sept. 25 left around noon and drove as far as West Wendover where we again overnighted in truck parking.

Sept. 26 arrived home to the blue box on blocks around 9:15 a.m.

The boulder climbing near Lake Tahoe, illustrated here: