Tuesday, November 3, 2009

QR Code

Funny how long it can take to hear about something big!

The QR Code has been around since 1994. Fifteen years. Wow. And I've only learned about it, by accident, this year. It is very popular in other parts of the world.

Here is an example, the QR ("Quick Response") Code for this post*:

This could be crocheted or knit into a scarf, or published in some other way.

A cell phone, equipped with a reader for the code, could take a picture of it and then immediately go to the web page.
*The image above is actually a URL which computes the code on-the-fly from the permalink of this post (which is, http://sanbachs.blogspot.com/2009/11/qr-code.html). Below is a static image, captured today (by screen scraping), just in case the image generator goes off-line.


Myrna said...

You are very prolific lately!

Bruce Conrad said...

At the time that I wrote this, I was worried that the server behind the URL that computes the first image might go off-line. What I did not expect then, and am surprised at today, is that the two images are quite different. Also yet today, when my friend Jesse scanned these two images with his cellphone, both of them took him directly to this post. What I wrote subjunctively about in the post nearly seven years ago, I saw happening with my own eyes just today.

Bruce Conrad said...

And today, as a reader now (in the future) can easily see, the generator if offline.

Bruce Conrad said...

Spoke too soon. It is still there. Just needed a refresh, I guess.