Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Tele-presence First?

After the company Hallowe'en party, we all voted for our favorite costume.

The Cyanotic Cybernetic Cyclops costume tied for second place. This wasn't an overwhelming victory, given that only seven costumes were entered.

Is this a first? Is this the first time someone has won a Hallowe'en costume prize without physically being there? I don't know, nor do I know how this could be determined.

In any case, it is significant evidence that people will view an object that is remotely controlled in this way as being the person controlling it. At least enough to award a prize.


Myrna said...

Kay, I don't really like the idea of your robot being you enough to win a prize...

Bruce Conrad said...

Well, I shouldn't have stated it so strongly. It's not that they viewed the robot as actually being me. What makes this result important is that it means that someday I may be able to accomplish real work without being physically present.

Aquaspce said...

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