Sunday, July 6, 2008

More W. R. Myers Marching Band Pictures

I went through old pictures today and found these pictures of the marching band, or of me in the marching band uniform. These are from either 1967 or 1968, in Taber, Alberta, Canada.

The above shows the band marching south, along 50th street, with the United Church of Canada in the background.

Marching towards the east, probably on the main street.

On the front steps of our farm house, which was located about 7 and a half miles north of Taber, along Highway 36. The house is still standing, and has changed owners a few times since our family moved out.

A portrait in the living room of the farm house.

These are digital scans of color prints, which have been cropped, but not retouched.


Myrna said...

Nice pictures...memories! I personally hated marching band, but then I played a French horn, not traditionally a marching instrument! You didn't tell me your going/coming plans in detail for August...

David said...

Did anyone ever tell you that Lance looks a bit like you? Especially that lower picture.

Aquaspce said...

hey I said that too! Dave!

Anonymous said...

Great work.