Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Dissertation Published

So, after dozens of hours of work, my 1995 dissertation is published on the Internet.

This work honors the hundreds of hours that I spent documenting years of work on the project itself.

The document on the Internet differs from the printed version in a few ways:
  • It isn't broken into pages, but there are separate HTML documents for each chapter and each appendix.
  • The bibliography isn't formatted yet.
  • The screenshots from TOOL are colored instead of black-and-white.
Otherwise, I've been very careful to leave in original mistakes, except for a handful of typo corrections. But nothing substantive.

So, it stands as it did in 1995. In some ways it is considerably out of date. But the main topic is still pertinent today. How to facilitate programming by end-users is still an open question.


Myrna said...

I think you should apply to the University of South Africa, and just finish your dissertation, updating it, and get that PhD. Because the SA rand is so low against the dollar, it is quite affordable. You would be surprised at how affordable! This year, tuition went up, but I paid less than last year! That is too bad for their economy, but was nice for me!

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