Wednesday, September 26, 2007

On early adoption

I used to be an early adopter. Along with some friends, I even crashed a dot-com before it was fashionable, back in 1997.

As a youth, I was the first boy in the town of Taber to own a tape recorder, and my friends and I had a lot of fun with it. With an interest in computers, I read all of the books on computers in the town library--both of them!

Much later in my career, I worked in the Advanced Technology Group at WordPerfect Corporation, and was trying out cell phones with integrated web browsers in 1995.

But, that was twelve years ago.

Lately, I've been falling behind. As witness, I am only just now starting a blog. In this, I have been inspired by my niece, Nancy Heiss. Thanks, Nancy.


Nancy said...

Yay for blogging!

Andrew tries to be an early adopter, too...but...I won't let him. There's just too much stuff out there (iPod, iPhone, iMac, etc) that's way out of our budget. For now, he has to be content to simply research the technology.

I'm excited to read everything you have to say!

Michelle said...

I second the yay for blogging! I saw the link on Nancy's blog and thought "I I didn't know Uncle Bruce had a blog!" Keep it up! It is fun to keep updated on people... blogging helps with that! :)

Anonymous said...

Well, you fixed it, thank you. And also Nancy set me up a google account, but I haven't used it yet...I need to read the fine print and figure out what I am supposed to do. So, for now, I will remain A. Nony Mous.

Aquaspce said...

Hey, glad to see you on board the blogging, I left it for awhile, fell into a myspace/faceboo limbo for awhile, however I have faithfully returned to the blog and am glad to see Nancy put you on my link list! (See how great technology is? I have Nancy do all my tech work for me, it's great!)
Love you :)

Anonymous said...

Bruce, where is your next exciting post? We are waiting...

Travis Jensen said...

Just becoming more Amish, that is all. :) The Amish are not anti-technology, they are just more deliberate about what technology they use and they will dump a technology that has a negative effect on their families and community.

Nothing wrong with validating the technology before investing the time. :)