Friday, July 24, 2009

Don't get old

Such was the advice my father used to give when talking about the frailties of his aging years.

It was partly an attempt at humor to change the subject. Dad didn't like to complain. Even though his health deteriorated pretty steadily over the last 22 years of his life (after a stroke) until his death from (officially) starvation. There was a long way to go from the vibrant, healthy, strong man's man that I knew growing up, and that few of his grandchildren can remember.

Sometimes, I find myself telling my own children, "Don't get old." But, I always try to catch myself, because the only alternative that I am aware of to growing old is to die young. And that is something that I honestly can't wish upon any of my children. Or nieces, nephews, and grandchildren.


Nancy said...

I think I'd rather get old, too, than the alternative. :)

David said...

Well, there is the whole millennium thing as a happy (for some) third alternative.... whenever that happens.

Kelline said...

I think I like the saying rephrased to : "Don't feel old"

....getting old is inevitable, but when you feel it, I think it's worse!