Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

I slept in, and when I awoke, Sara asked me what I wanted for breakfast. She is such a wonderful wife. But, it was Valentine's Day, so I answered with those three little words she loves to hear, "let's eat out." Seriously, I suggested that we go get breakfast at the Royal Eatery. Since it was only snowing a little bit, why not walk to Trax, ride to the library to return books, then walk the two blocks from there to the eatery?

The closest station to our home is Planetarium, but we had to take a slight detour because a gate that is normally open was closed. Once on Trax, we decided to phone in our order, but we didn't have the phone number. So, Sara took my cell phone (new to me) to figure out how to add a phone number to the address book. When we made the corner of Main and 400 South, I read the phone number off the window of the place, and she entered it into the phone.

You can plot our journey on this map of the Trax free fare zone (one perk of living downtown).

After dropping off our books we set off for our two block walk. By then, it was snowing quite hard, so before leaving the building, Sara called to order our breakfast. But, she couldn't figure out how to call a number from the address book. Luckily, I had remembered it, so she could just dial it.

What a blizzard! We put our heads down and walked into the snow. About half a block into it, I touched my pocket and realized that I had left my wallet at home. Checked another pocket where I normally carry some cash and found five dollars. Oh oh.

Sara called them again to explain our predicament. There weren't any really good choices, but they said to just come and eat. After hanging up, we started joking together about how they might keep Sara hostage while I went for the wallet. Then we joked about her cleaning their toilets for them while I was gone. We had a few good laughs.

Breakfast was just coming off the grill when we came in covered in snow. We enjoyed it, as usual. They laughed when we shared some of our fantasies with them. We left the five dollars as a deposit, and walked to the Courthouse station. There we two ladies from Georgia enjoying the snow and we talked with them as we waited for the next train.

In the afternoon we drove to Los Hermanos in Lindon for a late lunch, stopping along the way to pay our breakfast bill. We ate with Sara's mother, her brother, his wife, and daughter. Then we visited with mom in her home until time to go to Pirates of Penzance, which was delightful.

That was it. My Valentine's Day gesture sure back-fired, but we made some great memories.


Kelline said...

Isn't it all about the memories. It's funny how the times that run perfectly smooth aren't the ones we remember!

Myrna said...

At least you had $5 and not your wife's deodorant in your pocket! :o)

The next time you are coming as far as me!

Nancy said...

I was going to say what my mom said! :) That would have been funny. At least they knew you well enough to know you'd pay your bill!