Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cataract surgery

Happening today, in a couple of hours. This is considered routine.

[Added Friday, December 7, 2012]

On Wednesday, Dr. Adam M. Bowman removed the cataract in my left eye, and replaced it with a device manufactured by Alcon Laboratories, Inc.

Model: SN60WF
Power: 19.5 D
Length (∅T): 13.0mm
Optic (∅B): 6.0mm
SN: 12140254 025
Date: 12/5/12
Eye: L
Patient: Bruce Conrad
Surgeon: Dr. Bowman
Afffix to patient ID card

AcrySof IQ IOL
UV with blue light filter
Alcan Laboratories, Inc.
6201 South Freeway
Fort Worth, TEXAS 76134


Myrna said...

Apparently genetic...our dad had cataracts; Aunt Elaine had cataracts; Marion had cataracts; Deloresis getting cataracts. I hope I am not next...time to schedule an appointment!

Myrna said...

Wow...Deloresis. Cool name. Or Delores is...