Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Atop the viaduct

Today Salt Lake City's mayor opened the North Temple viaduct to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The TRAX line which also will cross the railway lines there is still under construction.

At ten a.m. I joined the crowd. In this picture you'll see the face of one of the men who built it. The mayor is also facing the camera in the background. At the right edge you can make out the tuba of the brass band that was playing.

Shortly after 10:15 we walked up to the top of the viaduct. I didn't wait around for the speech, etc. Took this snap looking back on the way back to work.

After crossing the street, I turned back for this view of the viaduct. Nice to have it, as it should cut my daily commute time in half. More when there are trains to wait for.

It was a very hot morning, and it felt good to get my sweaty self out of the sun and back into the air-conditioned office building.

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Myrna said...

So you are now walking to work again, now that the viaduct is finished?