Monday, February 1, 2010

Not destroyed after all

I recently visited my sister in Canada, and, when I mentioned our dad's shaver collection, she disappeared and returned with part of it!

Imagine my surprise and delight. Or just look at this image:

Here is the entire collection of pre-electric shaving equipment:

There is a packet of Wilkinson razor blades, a stick of dry shave (rub on face before shaving), two brushes for shaving cream (mixed in a cup (not shown)), a set of hair clippers, and three "safety" razors. The earliest, on the right, had to be disassembled to change blades. The other two open up by twisting the end of the handle, as shown left center. The newest one, bottom center, could also adjust the angle of the blade, by twisting near the head.

As a bonus, she had also kept his fun calculator:

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Myrna said...

I so agree--that calculator was fun! Maybe even Josie would like to do math with that calculator!