Saturday, March 8, 2008

Painful Times

Not being allowed to defend my dissertation was a painful time. But, there is no point in belaboring that now.

Whatever the reasons my adviser and the department had for their decisions, I am going ahead with my own decision to self-publish the dissertation on the Internet.

It is proving quite painful to convert WordPerfect documents into HTML documents. Microsoft Word helps a bit, but doesn't do a very good job of rendering the images. I'll work more on those as time permits.

In the meantime, I've finished the first cut at converting Chapter 1.

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Nancy Heiss said...

I like the idea that programming is a basic human behavior. After all, I know I spend my day issuing and fulfilling commands--both off and on the computer.

And I'm definitely one of those people who "like computers because they get to get their work done." I just want to get the task done--but because I don't understand much on the programming end of things, I tend to do a lot of things more manually.

Andrew says that is a waste of time and is constantly teaching me data merge tricks and things like that. Sometimes I think that "programming" takes more time than just doing things brick-by-brick, but I suppose that's because I'm either not fluent in programming or no programmer at all! :)